Flaked almonds, sweet fruit and honey with a vanilla shortcrust base. 20 pieces (10 x 3 cm). Shelf Life: 28 day refrigerated.

Ingredients: CREAM, CASTER SUGAR, ALMONDS SLIVERED, BUTTER (milk fat, water, milk solids non-fat), WHEAT FLOUR, DRIED SOUR CHERRIES (cherries, sugar, sunflower oil), HONEY, ORANGE PEEL (citrus peel, glucose, sugar, preservatives: (E202) & (E220),food acid (E330)), SALT, VANILLA BEAN PASTE (concentrated vanilla bean extract with seeds, sugar, dietary fibre: inulin; thickener: gum tragacanth), BAKING POWDER (mineral salts (E450, E500), wheat flour)

SKU: SL2023R
Florentine Slice Box of 20

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