Light Oreo flavoured mousse held within a cute tubular shaped choc biscuit shell. Finished on top with chocolate shavings.

Ingredients:Biscuit Crumb (Wheat Flour, Sugar,
Vegetable And/or Beef Fats And Oil (Antioxidant 310,
320),Milk Solids Non-fat, Salt, Baking Soda Ammonium
Bicarbonate), Neufchatel Cheese (*), Sugar (Sugar
(95%), Wheaten Cornflour (5%)), Dark Compound
Chocolate (*), Imitation Cream (Water,Vegetable Oil,
Milk Soldis Non Fat, Cane Sugar, Mono An Ddiclyceride
Of Fatty Acids (471), Polysorbate(601,435), Soy
Lecithin(322),Xantham Gum(412),Salt,Amatto
Colour(160(B))), Margarine, Premium Choc Diced
Crumb (7%), Cocoa Powder, Milk, Essence, Lemon Oil

SKU: LT151828
Oreo Mousse - 28cm Tart

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