Salted caramel filled macaron. The macaron is simple in nature, made only from finely ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. Its distinctive feature lies in its almond flavour and round shape. When bitten into, its delicate but crunchy outer shell gives way to a soft fondant-like on the inside.

Available in three pack sizes

Gluten Free product

Shelf Life: 6 months frozen, 7 days when defrosted.

Ingredients: MACARON SHELL: Sugar 53%, Almond meal, egg white, egg white powder SALTED CARAMEL (sugar 30%, cream, butter, salt 1%, Paillete Feuiletine, E155,133,102)

SKU: MA14266
Salted Caramel Macarons - Box of 6,12 or 35.

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